In addition to the information below, current job openings in the fire service may be found on the HOME page of this website, as well as on The Future Firefighter Facebook page and the @ChabotFire Twitter feed found on the right side of this page.

Specific job placement is not something that is available in the fire service or to Chabot College students. To get hired in any position within the fire service, one has to actually apply for an open position and then competitively compete with others for the openings. It is not uncommon to have thousands of applicants apply for one or a few positions. 


Since the typical fire department only accepts applications once every couple (or more) years, it is critical for those interested in a career in the fire service to apply for every test they may qualify for and to not miss an opportunity to apply for a department. Applicants cannot be picky in where they think they may want to apply. 


To locate fire departments that are currently accepting applications, it is recommended to sign up for testing notification, application or one-stop shopping services such as:



Services such as the ones mentioned above are worth every penny as they keep you up-to-date with fire service career opportunities available around the United States or at least in California.


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