Firefighter I Academy Info:

Chabot College offers a State Accredited Firefighter I Academy twice a year; once in the spring (January through April) and once in the fall (August through November). 


Our Firefighter I Academy (Fire Technology 90A, 90B, 90C, 91A, 91B, 91C and 91D) is held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and all day Saturday and Sunday over the course of a semester. The Firefighter 1 Academy is held at the Alameda County Fire Department Training Facility in San Leandro. 


A Firefighter I Academy is not the same as a Firefighter I Certificate. For someone to receive State Firefighter I Certification, the typical route is to complete a State Accredited Firefighter I Academy (such as Chabot's), and then complete the experience requirements as determined by California State Fire Training.


Chabot Firefighter 1 Academy Prerequisites:


Fire Technology 50, 51, 52, 88A & 89, all with a grade of C or higher.


Other Academies:


There are less than 40 State Fire Training Accredited Firefighter 1 Academies in California. For a list of other California State Fire Training Accredited Academies, go to:


More Info - State Firefighter I & II Certification:


For more information about California State Certification as a Firefighter I or II, please visit the California State Fire Training website as well as our website section that discusses Firefighter I and II Certification.


Chabot College Firefighter 1 Academy Scheduling:

For the most up-to-date schedule of courses being offered, including the next Firefighter 1 Academy, visit the Chabot College website and go to the CLASS WEB section. 

Firefighter Academy Success Tips
Whether you are preparing for a college Firefighter 1 Academy or a Fire Department Recruit Academy, this document will provide some valuable guidance to increase your chances of success.
Firefighter Academy Success Tips.pdf
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Pre Fire Academy Physical Fitness Guidelines
This attachment offers some suggestions on getting yourself prepared for the rigors of a physically demanding Firefighter Academy.
SCCFD Four Month Pre-Academy Fitness Pro[...]
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Firefighter Skills:

Below are some videos of some of the skills you may be expected to successfully complete during a typical fire academy. Realize each fire academy uses different tools and equipment, and may even have different time standards or standards in how a certain task is completed. Regardless, the following videos should hopefully give you the idea of what to expect in a fire academy. 


All of these great videos are provided courtesy of the Santa Clara County Fire Department and were produced by the following Santa Clara County Fire Department personnel: Firefighter/Engineer Justin Stockman, Firefighter/Engineer Matt White, and Fire Captain Chris Padian. Great work guys!

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