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Chabot College is a community college, offering a 2-year degree program. There are actually very few 4-year degree options that are specifically geared towards the fire service. 


While a 4-year degree is not a requirement to get hired as a Firefighter, if you have a desire to ever promote up the ranks, you are encouraged to obtain a 4-year degree as many departments require one to promote to positions such as company officer or chief officer. 


If you have already completed a 4-year degree and are wondering whether it is worth even getting a 2-year degree in Fire Technology, here are the primary reasons: you will receive more training at Chabot College obtaining your 2-year degree than you ever will upon getting hired by a fire department, who does not have the time or money to provide that much training, and getting a 2-year degree in Fire Technology shows your passion, commitment and dedication to the fire service. 


At the end of the day, a degree will not by itself get you a job. In most fire departments, the oral interview is 100% of your final ranking, and is what will get you hired (or not hired). You can have the resume with the most education, training and experience as compared to your competitors, but if you cannot sell yourself to the oral board, or you cannot convince them you will be a good fit for their family, you're not going to get the job. Fire departments hire people, not resumes. 


Online 4-year degree programs include, but are not limited to:


Columbia Southern University
State University New York (SUNY) Empire State College
University of Cincinnati
University of Maryland
Waldorf College

Western Illinois


For a listing of colleges offering a 4-year degree in fire service related fields (and other fields), go to:





** Please do your own research to see what school may best meet your current and more importantly, long-term career development needs**


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