Firefighter I & II Info:

In order to apply for Firefighter positions in some agencies, one may be required to either possess a Firefighter I Academy completion certificate from an approved "Accredited Regional Training Program" (ARTP) such as Chabot College, or California State Firefighter I Certification. 

California State Firefighter I Certification is typically received after one either goes through a State approved Firefighter I Academy, or completes the required sign-offs through a guided process within a fire department and then completes either six (6) months of full-time paid Firefighter experience, or one (1) year of part-time paid, or volunteer Firefighter experience.


California State Firefighter II Certification is usually provided by a fire department during the probationary period, and is not something that is required upon employment. 


For more information about California State Certification as a Firefighter I or II, please visit the California State Fire Training website.


Other Accredted Regional Training Programs (ARTPs), also known as "Firefighter 1 Academies":


There are about 40 State Fire Training Accredited Regional Training Program (ARTP) Firefighter 1 Academies in California. For a list of other California State Fire Training Accredited Academies (besides Chabot College), go to:


More Info - State Firefighter I & II Certification:


For more information about California State Certification as a Firefighter I or II, please visit the California State Fire Training website as well as our website section that discusses Firefighter I and II Certification.



California State Firefighter I Update Information
Effective January 1, 2016, California State Fire Training will officially phase out the 2001 State Firefighter I Standards, and completely transition to their new curriculum. This attachment provides some more information about the updated curriculum.
Firefighter 1 Update Information.pdf
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